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Great Hang Up: Highlighting the dangers of drowsy driving | News

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Great Hang Up: Highlighting the dangers of drowsy driving

Great Hang Up: This week marks "Drowsy Driving Awareness Week" nationwide.

Driving drowsy can be as dangerous as driving drunk when it comes to slowing your reaction time, according to safety experts. The California Office of Traffic Safety and CHP cite recent statistics attributing 3600 accidents a year in the state as a direct result of drowsy driving.

Medications have been shown to add to the risk. Monica Robins, our colleague at the Gannett station in Cleveland, showcased the danger of driving while on Ambien in a simulator test study at Ohio State University. The impact on her driving skills and reaction time was startling.

In an attempt to keep the roadways safe, the California Office of Traffic Safety provided the following tips on combating drowsy driving:

  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night
  • When tired while driving, pull over to rest, but try a power nap of 15-20 minutes versus a longer one that can leave you groggy. 
  • Try to avoid driving when you would normally be sleeping. Caffeine ay be a short term fix.
  • Be aware fo the lingering affects of any medications you're taking -- some stick around longer than others.



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