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Facebook shuts down 'Most Beautiful Teen' Page

Facebook shuts down 'Most Beautiful Teen' Page

ABC News Tweeted an article about the controversy surrounding a Facebook page and a ‘beautiful teen contest’. Have you seen it?

The headline reads: Facebook Shuts Down ‘Most Beautiful Teen’ Page

The Facebook page apparently solicited sexy pictures from teenagers hoping to be named “The Most Beautiful Teen in the World.”

The page has since been shut down after it sparked outrage from concerned parents and security experts.

Many of the photos were quite provocative, with shirtless boys and girls in bikinis. What happened next certainly doesn’t shock me. The photos were judged by other Facebook users and the comments were not so nice. In fact, many were down right rude!

For example:

“I would not touch with a ten-foot pole,” one comment read.

“Her nose is too big,” read another.

Here’s the thing, I in no way advocate cyber bullying.

NEWS FLASH -- Girl Scout Cookie Locator Works!

NEWS FLASH -- Girl Scout Cookie Locator Works!

Sacramento -- Patience tempered my unbridled eagerness Monday when I found a sale location for Girl Scout cookies on the website www.girlscoutshcc.org to find local businesses supporting this once-a-year fundraiser. Girl Scouts are selling the unique cookies through the end of March.

Pumpkin Nabbed

Pumpkin Nabbed

North Natomas- If you see this pumpkin let me know!

Okay ,so this broke my heart. My daughter found a beloved pumpkin at Goblin Gardens and since it was so big, rolled it into the car. We put it in the near 50 pounder in the front seat to get it home then rolled it up the driveway with a dolly. My daughter said do you think it's safe to leave outside and I said "oh yes." She was so proud and checked it and played near it everyday in the last week.

Then...this weekend came out and it was gone. Someone or more than one person came up on our lawn and took it we think overnight? I drove around to see if it was dropped anywhere nearby and no luck.

We'd love it returned no questions asked as it means alot. Wouldn't it be nice to have her little heart feel better and get it returned? Where's the Halloween Spirit?