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9/11 is Still a Day for Remembrance and Reflection

9/11 is Still a Day for Remembrance and Reflection

By Laura Braden

In the years that immediately followed, those of us in politics and public relations knew not to schedule any events or announcements. September 11 was considered this untouchable day that shouldn’t be cluttered with trivial topics like

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In Real Life: Wisdom Versus Hindsight and My Personal Pledge

In Real Life: Wisdom Versus Hindsight and My Personal Pledge

In Real Life

The Design Confidential

It's hard for the heart to heal when you feel like the problem might have been solved. Perhaps that isn't the case at all, but it certainly feels this way. I hope you all hear my pleas regarding how important hydration is and that you never experience my personal heartbreak surrounding it. Drinking water is such an easy way to keep your body functioning properly and your loved ones healthy and happy. It can be so detrimental when ignored, so I hope you join me in taking the Pledge for hydration, and while you are at it, you can enter to win some amazing prizes. Go to the Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water Facebook page and visit the Hydration Movement tab... Read More

Why I Hate Shopping

Why I Hate Shopping

I will go clothes shopping maybe once a year because I hate it. It’s a pain in the ass, shopping is. Trying on clothes is a waste of time to me. It is not fun. 99% of what I try on doesn’t fit because, apparently, I am shaped funny.

Or, more accurately, I am shaped.

I hate driving to the store in traffic, looking for parking. I don’t like spending money. There is nothing “FUN” about it. I do not enjoy the “process” or the “journey” of shopping. I do not “live in the moment” of it. I see it as an irritating errand that gets in the way of the rest of my life.

And I sure as hell don’t like accompanying someone else while “they go shopping”. Yuck. Totally unproductive and I hate standing around waiting. God, I’d make a sucky boyfriend... Read More

Small moments of Instagram

Small moments of Instagram

What a fun week!

Thank so much to each of you who played along over on Instagram.

Perhaps the best part of the entire week was having so many people say that they loved the invitation to slow down to appreciate the little things.

So. Much. Awesome.

Have you seen the amazing collection of shared small moments?

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WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Random Acts of Kindness

2013 Weekly Challenge #26: Random Acts of Kindness   Being kind is probably a part of your every day life. After all, you have to be nice, in general, to get what you want and to keep the people you love happy.

But what about being kind simply for the sake of being kind?

Want to work at 3fold?

Want to work at 3fold?

Entry Level Designer/Production Designer

Do you get an adrenaline rush working on deadline driven projects? Do you re-size ads faster than a speeding bullet? Can you juggle multiple projects and multiple deadlines all without breaking a sweat? Well, hello design superstar; we want you on our team.

3fold Communications is a prominent Sacramento marketing agency specializing in creating one-of-a-kind strategic communications for clients large and small.

Think you’ve got the skills to support the creative team and agency in producing world-class designs that are both strategic and visually amazing? Then 3fold wants to hear from you.

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2013 Weekly Challenge #24: Eat Local!   You hear it all the time: Eat Local! But why?

Here are 8 reasons to eat local foods (taken from about.com):