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Enjoying the Sun

Enjoying the Sun

The Muffins love to bask in the sun in their backyard!

'World's smallest puppy' returns home to Calif.

SACRAMENTO, CA - The puppy, whose story of survival captured the nation's heart, returned home to Northern California on Wednesday night after a five-day media tour in New York.

Beyonce, who is named after the singer Beyonce for her "Survivor" song, weighed 1 ounce at birth; she was so small she could fit into a tablespoon.

The World Record Academy declared Beyonce the world's smallest puppy born full-term, according to Grace Foundation Executive Director Beth DeCaprio.

Beyonce is one of five puppies in a litter born on March 8 at the Grace Foundation's farm in Placer County. Their mother was found abandoned in San Bernardino County and was expected to be euthanized, but she was later brought to rescuers at the Grace Foundation.



I have two Yorkshire Terriers, known affectionately as The Muffins! Bella Bean is 6 and Baylor Bear just turned 5 on Friday! They make my life and world just that much better! They are my wonderful and loyal companions.

If you’re a dog/cat lover too you got to check out the link below! It’s adorable!

The Huffington Post tweeted it.

Even if you aren’t a pet person, I can almost guarantee the video in the link below will make you smile!




Wiener Nationals Dog Race at the Power Balance Pavilion!

Wiener Nationals Dog Race at the Power Balance Pavilion!

What: It’s not your typical dog and pony show – Sacramento’s finest dachshunds will dash to the finish line at the Power Balance Pavilion for the 16th Annual Wiener Nationals – Sacramento Regionals. They are competing to be crowned Sacramento’s “Top Dog.” Only one will go from “wiener to winner,” scoring $250 and a trip to the Holiday Bowl in San Diego, CA, for the 2012 Wiener National Finals!

When: Saturday, March 31
             Check-in: 1:30 p.m.
             Prelims: 2:00 p.m.
             Final race: 7:00 p.m. (During halftime at Sacramento Kings vs. New Jersey Nets Game)

Enjoying the warm weather with my pig in south Natomas

Enjoying the warm weather with my pig in south Natomas

My pig bacon and I took advantage of the warm weather today by sunbathing in the front yard.

Sacramento City Animal Shelter launches campaign to save lives

SACRAMENTO - Utilizing a combination of dedication, innovation, and a never-say-never approach, the Sacramento City Animal Shelter on Front St. has set out on a campaign to save the lives of thousands of animals.

"We like to call it the 'Let Live Campaign'," says acting shelter manager Gina Knepp. "We don't like to use the term 'No Kill' because there's such a misconception out there of what No Kill really means."

Generally defined, a No Kill shelter does not refer to a location that never euthanizes an animal, but rather one that euthanizes if an animal is too sick or too aggressive to be adopted, and never as a means of population control.

"Euthanization means merciful killing," explain Knepp. "I understand putting down an animal that's so sick they can't get up to eat. What I'm not okay with is putting an animal down because nobody has adopted it yet."