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Sacramento County cuts pet adoption rates in October

From The County of Sacramento.

Sacramento, Calif., - October is national adopt a shelter animal month and the Sacramento County Animal Shelter is promoting fall pet adoptions with ADOPTOBERFEST! Adopters will receive a fifty-percent reduction in adoption fees which includes spay/neuter services, licensing, microchipping, and vaccinations. The City of Sacramento Animal Services is also joining the County Animal Shelter in this promotion.

"Between the County and the City, we have a broad selection of animals that people can select from," stated Dave Dickinson, Interim Director of the Sacramento County Animal Shelter.

Sacramento K-9 units gear up for bulletproof fundraiser

SACRAMENTO - On News10 Good Morning Thursday, reporter Jeff Maher, spent some time with the Sacramento Police Department's K-9 unit at Discovery Park.

The K-9 units for both the police and sheriff's departments were hit with budget cuts in recent years, and now, both agencies are gearing up for a big fundraiser in October to help pay for costly bulletproof vests to protect the dogs. 

Some police dogs have been targeted and shot by criminals in recent years. Therefore, many officers and deputies deem the vests a worthy and necessary expenditure, due to the important role played by dogs serving local law enforcement agencies.

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Too tired to care

Too tired to care

Kari submitted this photo of her 4-month-old kitten napping on the back of the toilet.

Python Ron's Reptile Kingdom

Mark your calendars!

Check out this summer event at the Sacramento Public Library, North Natomas location.

Python Ron's Reptile Kingdom: For kids ages 5-12. Python Ron presents a learning experience about the world of reptiles. Kids will observe, touch, and have the opportunity to hold reptiles of various colors and sizes.

Thursday, July 21st * 3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

North Natomas
4660 Via Ingoglia
Sacramento, CA 95835