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Hawaii Petco sued for alleged dog mutilations

KANEOHE, HI - Two Hawaiian women have filed a lawsuit against a Petco store in Kaneohe for separate alleged incidents of dog mutilations on the part of the chain's groomers.

According to the HawaiiNewsNow.com, Gladys Kupuwai and Estelle Green say their dogs suffered injuries during grooming at the pet store.

Kupuwai claimed she dropped off her granddaughter's dog, Dodo, for a bit of primping, but when she picked up the pooch, she noticed the groomers had taken a little too much off the top.

"[She] was dried, bloody, was dry blood, everything," Kapuwai told HawaiiNewsnow.com. "I noticed that at home, so when I took her to the vet, the doctor had told me it looked like they tried to glue it back."

Green claims her dog also suffered at the hands of over exuberant clippers, returning home with bloody nails and piece of its tail missing.

Sacramento City Animal Shelter pleads for help

Sacramento City Animal Shelter pleads for help

PHOTOS: Sacramento City Animal Shelter

Despite the extraordinary increase in adoptions at the end of the year, countless dogs and cats sit waiting for new homes.  All are stray or surrendered by their owners. 

Regardless of requests for help from rescue organizations, the supply exceeds the demand or capacity.  Rescue partners are working feverishly to assist in saving the animals, but the real solution lies with our community.

12-year-old neighbor stabs 4-month-old puppy

Pit bulls attack, kill Natomas bunnies

SACRAMENTO, CA - A mother in North Natomas said the family's  pet bunnies were attacked and killed by a pair of pit bulls.

The dogs were off leash and reportedly running around the Bluefeather Court neighborhood on Wednesday.

Michelle Meier said her kids' two bunnies Mopsy and Cottontail were in a cage in the front of her house, when the dogs broke the cage open and attacked the bunnies.

Meier said her 8-year-old son Maxwell Meier saw his pets being attacked when he looked out the kitchen window.

The nanny called Meier, who rushed home, but was forced to stay in her car because the dogs tried to attack her.

"We were stuck in our car until animal control could come because every time I got out, they tried to bite me," Meier said.

Animal Control officers got to the scene and were able to catch both dogs.

Meier has six children, but said Maxwell is taking the deaths the hardest.