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Natomas building moratorium could be history this year

Natomas could finally see building resume in a matter of months-- the federal government is preparing a letter that would lift a nearly 7-year building moratorium in the area.

Since then, commercial and residential developments have been placed on hold, leaving parcels of land empty. The bareness has been an eyesore for many residents.

"It's a bit depressing," John Cranshaw said.

He has lived in a Natomas neighborhood for almost four years and longs for the day construction will start up again.

"It's desolate," Cranshaw said. "When we moved out here, I couldn't understand why they put all this infrastructure and didn't build any houses."

In 2008, the federal government placed a building moratorium because the area did not meet flood protection requirements.

But city officials expect that to change this year.

Catch a Glimpse of Lion Cubs!

Catch a Glimpse of Lion Cubs!

Starting December 26 you may catch a glimpse of the Sacramento Zoo’s African Lion cub trio! The mother and cubs will have periodic access to the exhibit, giving them time for short romps around the exhibit and lengthy catnaps as well as time away from the public. Zookeepers will be continuing off-exhibit introductions of the sire to the dam and her cubs creating one family unit over the next few weeks. The cubs and their mother will not be on exhibit regularly at first, so be sure to check saczoo.org daily for updates so you can catch a glimpse of the cubs. ... Read More

Celebrating New Year's Day

Though this isn't a local band, I believe any Sacramentan can surely appreciate this awesome New Year's Day song!

Check out our shared social media posts below and add your own!! 

Thanks to Hurts for a great song and for Kanal von EleonorePrinz for sharing this great video on youtube.

Sheriff's Community Impact Program Always Gives...Now It's Our Turn!!

Sheriff's Community Impact Program Always Gives...Now It's Our Turn!!

Sheriff's Community Impact Program helps our community!  Let's help them help us, shall we?  

SCIP Facts: Did You Know -- 

• SCIP programs/activities/events engage 1200 students each month?

• SCIP has close to 30 dynamic programs all designed to positively engage cops and kids.   These programs empower our most at-risk youth to make better choices.

• Cops, teachers, business leaders, etc., volunteered close to 2700 hours last year?

• CIP has 25 Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputies, Probation Officers, and other law enforcement-related personnel, who mentor and/or coach in one of SCIP'S many programs/activities.

• In 2014, SCIP introduced licensed therapist into two programs, giving our most vulnerable youth and their families access to critical mental health services.

Use News10 promo code - Walking With Dinosaurs at Sleep Train Arena Jan. 1

Use News10 promo code - Walking With Dinosaurs at Sleep Train Arena Jan. 1

Looking for something to do with the family this holiday season?  Don't miss this great opportunity.  It's a fantastic show, and if you use our News10 promo code for the January 1 show, you'll get a discount.

What am I talking about?

You may remember when Ellen invited Noah Ritter, the Apparently Kid, to visit Walking with Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular this summer.

Click here to see the video.  It's well worth seeing and has been viewed more than 24 million times. 

Well, you can take the Apparently Kid in your family to Walking With Dinosaurs during the holidays when the twenty million dollar production visits Sacramento January 1-4 at Sleep Train Arena.

AND, if you''d like to go opening night (Jan. 1), you can get half price tickets by using promo code NEWS10.